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About Us

Welcome to Mr Kitchen, a small family-run kitchen business based in Surrey, England which is led by owner, Philip Brading. We have over 20 years’ experience of designing, supplying and fitting beautiful kitchens. After decades of working in the kitchen trade, Phil knows what makes a great kitchen. He is passionate about great design, great materials and great fitting – the three essential ingredients that transform a nice kitchen into a stunning kitchen.


We offer a design-led service based specifically on our clients requirements. As we offer a bespoke service we can provide units that maximise the space available. We have an amazing design team with over 20 years experience and we work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams. 


We’ve seen many kitchens ruined because of poor or cheap fitting: doors sitting at a slight angle because they’re hung on old hinges, handles that don’t line up because of uneven drill holes, worktops that join awkwardly if not trimmed properly.

Over the years Phil has worked with many kitchen fitters – which is why he recognises great workmanship when he sees it. Today he recommends only two of the best local fitters around. Both teams of kitchen fitters are fully qualified, with an amazing work ethic and reputation to match. Not to mention a love of custard creams. As they install your new kitchen, they’ll carry out all necessary alterations to your electrics and gas, including testing and certification, leaving you with a beautiful (and highly functional) finish. 

Finishing Touches 


 We have a wide range of worktops that we use; Natural stone, engineered stone, solid wood & laminate. We are positive you will find the surface that's will suit your kitchen.

Our sinks & tap range is vast which will suit everyones taste. 

We have a huge range of accessories that will just make your kitchen extra special, so book an appointment to come in and look at our range of sink, taps, handles, wirework, glass splash backs & up stands, lighting, waste bins, appliances & much much more. 

Building work 


 We will be pleased to carry out any building work that may be required to complete your project. This will allow us to organise and sequence the works in  conjunction with the fitting of your kitchen. It also allows us the opportunity to ensure the building works are completed at a sensible cost.

This service covers all trades as well as structural engineer's calculations and Local Authority approvals. 

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