Our Cabinets & Doors

Mr Kitchen cabinet carcasses are built to order, using Egger carcase board, incorporating soft close hinges and with soft close drawer boxes. What the customer gets is effectively a 'German quality' kitchen, put together in the UK.

Rather like a car makers, no one manufacturer makes the 'best in class' for every style of product. The manufacturer who impresses us the most with their painted real oak shaker door will probably be different to the manufacturer who offers the most favoured High Gloss J-Profile handle-less door. Being small and flexible, we are able to cherry pick each style  of door from a range of different manufacturers, maintaining quality but buying fiercely. That process, coupled with our low overheads, allows us to offer very good quality cabinets at competitive prices. 

Classic & Traditional Style

The five piece shaker doors create an elegant and welcoming environment in any home. The neutral tones & simplistic design offer an uncomplicated living space.

This solid wood is Luxurious finish & adds a sophisticated edge for those who want their kitchen to exude true excellence. This come in natural Oak or can be painted in a colour of your choice. 

Contemporary Styles 

The handleless range is a powerful statement with the ultra contemporary and minmalist handleless door. The clean lines flow effortlessly around the furniture to give a simple and uncomplicated exclusive look.

The Slab door range comes in gloss & matte finishes and is a great modern look. Minimalist and ultra-modern styling creates a very exclusive and powerful look. Available in many different colours. 

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Slab Matte Anthracite